Other Works

In addition to the ever popular Sue Ellison Mystery Series, Ted Campbell has written other Fiction novels as well as books on trucking.

Trucker Books

When I was 19 and couldn’t get a truck driving job I traded my almost new Chevy Bel Air in on a “Big Job” Ford and became an owner-operator. I’ve hauled logs, gravel to build logging roads lumber from sawmills, then I went over-the-road, coin grade silver from a smelter in B.C. to a warehouse in New Jersey, pretzels out of Pennsylvania, beer from Colorado, diapers out of Ogden Utah, newsprint to most western states, egg cartons, sugar, salt, dry wall mud, even Christmas trees. You name it one of my truck hauled it. I ran 14 tractors, 6 stainless steel tankers carrying spring water to most bottling plants in Vancouver B.C. and 40 heated tridem trailers. I made every first run myself so I could talk one-on-one with my drivers. My truckers were “Owner-Operator” specs, big power, double bunks, two air seats, double locker diffs. By running good equipment and paying top wages I hired and kept first rate drivers. Our turnover was low, reputation for on-time delivery was tops and insurance rates were so good I got a $25,000.00 rebate check when we shut down for “unused risk” Not too shabby for doing it right.

One of my pet gripes are log book rules that don’t make sense. Created and enforced by people that never sat behind the steering wheel of a truck. There is only so much time a person can stare up at the inside of a bunk. I’ve written several truck-related books.

I  e-publish so they can be read on a laptop or smart phone and also make them available in print form. 

Discretion Strongly Advised

Parallel stories. One character is the daughter of a single parent who’s boyfriend was ordered out to sea on Russian Submarine K-129 that leaves Kamchatka on a secret mission, in the spring of 1968. It was never heard from again. The Navy deny there ever was a submarine K-129, refuse to have his name on his daughters birth certificate. Marina, nicknamed ‘Rina, grows up in St. Petersburg, is multi-lingual, goes to Lomonosov University in Moscow, gets a part-time job as an interpreter for the U.S. Trade Embassy. Rina moves to Aeroflot just as they are on the verge of bankruptcy. 

The other person is Nat Coulter, a young bush pilot in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, Nat slips on an icy dock, breaks his leg, off for the winter. His landlord leaves him in charge of his Insurance Office while he and his wife holiday in Hawaii. The wife decides she’s not coming back. Nat buys the Agency, soon realizes insurance companies are sources of wealth with bonuses for Agents that find qualified borrowers. He meets Rina, they are a perfect match, he knows where the money is, she knows who needs it. Bit of boy-girl stuff, some nasty political subterfuge. People die. 

Old Pilots, Bold Pilots – DNA Diamonds and Bitcoin

Norm Carruthers grew up in Richmond BC, suburb of Vancouver, he flew bush planes in Yellowknife then got on as co-pilot for an air-freight company based in Hong Kong. His boss likes him, trusts him with money. He’s soon promoted to Captain or “left seat”. While Norm waits to take delivery of a new aircraft in London he meets Carol Burton, a girl he went to school with. They have a cozy ten-day holiday in London, Paris and Edinburgh. When his plane is ready Norm flies off, she returns to Richmond realizes she is “with child” Norm visits his Mother at Christmas, he and Carol decide to wait things out, eventually they marry. Norm is still flying all over the world, Carol meets a guy who is an early-day developer of Bit Coin. She invests. Does well, spends time in ‘Vegas. Alone. Norm’s boss owns feeder airlines in Mainland China that puts Norm into Beijing, Macau, London, Moscow. This novel looks at the Orient from a different perspective.