Ted Campbell

Ted Campbell would rather “take a chance and fail” than say “I wish I’d taken the chance.”

He was born on a rented farm a few miles from Foam Lake Saskatchewan, his Mother Violet was one determined lady, when she realized they weren’t heading for success she took the one step that characterizes a woman who’s made up her mind. She put an ad in the local paper. “Canning Jars for Sale.”  Bill bought a 1 ton Ford truck, loaded their furniture and two young relatives and headed for a Rocky Mountain mining town, Kimberley B.C. with Teddy sitting on his mothers lap. When he was 17 Ted decided, because he could start and move a bulldozer, he was a “cat-skinner” The more logging camps and construction projects he applied to the more became his experience. Finally a mine, high in the Rockies, hired him. When he walked into the office the following morning the Superintendent said. “We need an operator in our diesel-electric power house, if you’re interested we’ll train you.” Huge sigh of relief! He worked there for 2 years, saved his money and bought a new Chevy Bel Air. When Ted decided he wanted to be a truck driver no one would hire him; he had “no experience” he traded that beautiful car for a “Big Job” Ford and went trucking. Since then he’s owned close to 100 trucks and more trailers and tankers than he can count. His trucks carried logs, lumber, gravel, beer out of Colorado, coin grade silver to New Jersey, diapers and soap from Utah, egg cartons from Langley and Wenatchee, sugar across the west and liquid sugar to honey-bee producers everywhere including the North West Territories. Ted knows trucking.

Ted and Ann also owned a charter boat on B.C.’s north coast, an insurance agency and were involved in clubs – Jaycees, Jaycettes, Rotary, and up to their ears in politics. They were among the original snowmobile owners  in the north, and formed a Snowmobile Club. One sunny winter day Ted took their boys out of school, they went sledding on an extinct volcano. “Education comes in many forms”

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