Sue Ellison Mysteries

The Sue Ellison Mysteries are a series about a Nova Scotia girl, who joins the Ontario Police, becomes disillusioned with the glass ceiling, and comes to be a Private Detective. 

Murder Never Sleeps in Cottage Country

This is “Book One” of the Sue Ellison series. You will notice Sue is continually referred to as “She, her, the skirt, the female cop” Sue is a worker, diligent, keeps meticulous records. When the spoiled daughter of a millionaire goes missing in Cottage Country the male cops shrug it off as “a chick out for summer fun” when a body is found the case is turned over to Sue. She interviews a prime suspect at her cottage, a fellow officer suggests he slept over. When the Sergeant chastises her she puts her badge and side arm on his desk. “That is a lie, I have three weeks holiday coming, I’m taking them now, I won’t be back.” Sue teams up with Evan Kelly, a retired Mountie, they solve the case. Good ending.

Murder Never Sleeps in Toronto

Sue and her new business partner, retired Mountie Evan Klly, are hired to look into the unexplained death of a trucking company executive. Big trucks, lots of money, shady dealings, people sleeping around.

Murder Never Sleeps in Alberta

Sue is asked to sell the “surplus assets” of a trucking company, when she calls a friend in Calgary he shows interest. She takes Westjet, before she arrives his wife disappears. One of the partners meets her at the airport. Big trucks, icy mountain roads, cowgirls in tight shirts and cowboys with short tempers. This is the wild west at it’s best.

Murder Never Sleeps in Whistler

Sue takes a well-deserved holiday in Whistler, one of the worlds premier ski resorts. She meets a cute young guy on the slopes, they hit it off, he invites her to his families palatial chalet. Things warm up, then people get killed with an unusual knife. There is some boy-girl stuff. Sue catches on to the saying. “Some come to Whistler to ski, others come not to ski.” Bad things happen to Sue, her partner Evan Kelly flies out from Toronto to help.